‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ – Shirley Jackson

London, November 2018 Overview Living in the Blackwood family home with her older sister Constance and her Uncle Julian, Katherine (or Merricat) wants to keep the world out. But with Constance acquitted of murdering the rest of the Blackwood family, the surviving members are little short of local spectacle. Things are manageable until a long-lost... Continue Reading →


‘Alias Grace’ – Margaret Atwood

London, July 2018 Overview Grace Marks, a real woman hanged for murder in 1800s, is visited by Dr Jordan who, influenced by the burgeoning psychology of the unconscious, seeks to help Grace recall her actions (or lack of) on the day Thomas Kenner and Nancy Montgomery were murdered. Thoughts Composed of a mix of first-person... Continue Reading →

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